MD | Private Detective Training



A good Private Detective or Private Investigator is worth his/her weight in gold. But the investigator can only be as good as his or her training. Our Private Detective training class provides aspiring and even seasoned detectives and investigators with the core investigative skills essential to starting a case, working the case, and presenting information to clients or in a court of law.

Students will learn:

  • Laws of Search and Seizure

  • Scope of Your Authority

  • Covert Surveillance

  • Wiretaps, Bugs and Listening Device law

  • Report Writing and Documentation

  • Evidence and Chain of Custody

  • Interviewing and Interrogations

  • Understanding Deceptive Behavior

  • Summons, Subpoenas and Writs

  • Court Testimony

  • Ethics and Personal Accountability

  • Legal Accountability

  • Interaction with Law Enforcement

  • Legal Requirements

  • Working with Law Enforcement and

  • Working with Clients

This class does not cover firearms


There are no scheduled classes at this time, this is a seasonal course. However groups wishing to book a private class, please contact us below for pricing and availabliity.