MD | Handgun Qualification (HQL) - Certification Training


The Firearm and Security Training Center is the #1 Firearm Training Center in the Maryland citizens. The HQL firearm class is for citizens desiring to purchase a gun in the state of Maryland. The Maryland the HQL class is mandated by Maryland Law in order to purchase, rent or transfer a handgun/firearm.

The classes are fun and informative and only are about 4 hours long, filled with interesting gun ownership law, maintenance, and safety information. You'll spend 2-3 hours in the classroom and a short time at Maryland Small Arms shooting range for a practical shooting drill. When you leave class you will be fully charged and confident in your ability to handle a firearm.

Bring a spouse, a friend or a group of friends and make a day of it. This is a high demand event with limited space and tickets sell quickly.

We look forward to seeing you. Click the following link for more information about the Maryland Firearm law.


  • Maryland and Federal Firearm Law

  • Gun Safety

  • Gun Nomenclature (parts)

  • Marksmanship

  • Situational Awareness

  • Self Defense

  • Tactical Shooting

  • How to prepare your family to respond in lethal self defense situations

  • Carrying Best Practices

  • Personal Accountability

  • Legal Accountability

  • Interaction with Law Enforcement