Executive Protection (101) - 3 Day Course

Course Description

Executive Protection is one of the most coveted security jobs on the planet, but not just anybody can do it. To even be considered you will have to make an investment in yourself, and that investment is quality Executive Protection Training. 

Our instructors have protected some of the most important and wealthiest clients on the planet, from musicians to athletes, public officials, we can teach you to do the same.

We occasionally recruit the top graduating students from our classes to give them their first executive protection job.

During this 3 day course students will learn the fundamentals of Executive Security.


Our Course Will Cover

  • About the Executive Protection Profession

  • How to be successful in the EP Business

  • Code of Conduct and Ethics

  • Dress and Appearance

  • Duties and responsibilities of an EP agent

  • Security Advances and Operations Planning

  • Route Planning

  • Surveillance and Observation

  • Counter surveillance and ambush avoidance

  • Bomb Threat Management

  • Introduction to bugs & eavesdropping devices (TSCM)

  • Intro to Security Driving

  • Close Protection of principals

  • Working with a team and alone

  • Security Movements and Personnel Assignments

  • Travel Security (national and international)

  • Protection of Information (Digital, documents, wifi, passwords, cellular, etc.)

  • Protection of assets (computers, tablets, equipment, firearms, etc.)