Active Shooter COURSE


Course Description

Active Shooter Training is a necessity for security officers.  According to a 2013 FBI Study, the United States has experienced over 160 Active Shooter incidents with nearly 1500 casualties between 2000 – 2013. The number of incidents and casualties are increasing with each passing month. DC has even had its share of Active Shooters – The Navy Yard and Columbia Mall. Nearly 85% of the security officers serving the nation have never been trained how to respond to an Active Shooter incident. Are you one of them or will you be prepared?

This high action, high impact, high results Active Shooter training course prepares security officers for the worst. This class is a must for career minded security officers and is a career booster for your resume. By taking this class you place yourself at the top of every hiring manager’s list of applicants, as they are now looking for well-rounded, highly trained security officers for highly paid security jobs.

During training, you will engage in a Advance Gun Range Technique Training & also perform Active Shooters Drills with a licensed NRA instructor.

This course is equipped with live fire training guns.  

Students will learn:

  • Identify warning signs

  • Work with HR and Management to report behaviors and indicators

  • Search and Clear rooms and buildings

  • Evacuate buildings

  • Recognize bombs and suspicious packages

  • Identify weapons

  • Tactical Shooting

  • Neutralize threats

  • Coordinate efforts with police

  • Respond to media

  • Medical response to injured victims




There are no scheduled classes at this time, this is a seasonal course. However groups wishing to book a private class, please contact us below for pricing and availabliity.